Workplace Campaigns

It’s Easy
to hold a
Workplace Campaign!

There are just a few simple steps to providing your employees a convenient and affordable way to give back to the community they love.

1. Contact United Way and let us know you would like to hold a workplace campaign.  To contact us, please click here.
2. Designate an Employee Campaign Manager (ECM) from within your organization to coordinate your campaign.
3. Your United Way representative will meet with the ECM to provide training and all necessary  materials.
4. Organize a staff meeting where your ECM can talk about giving to United Way.  Invite a United Way representative or agency director to speak to your employees if you wish.  Browse agencies under the Agencies tab above.
5. Give your employees an opportunity to complete a pledge form, authorizing their pledges to be deducted from their paychecks in small installments each pay period.
6. Thank your employees on behalf of United Way and allow your payroll coordinator to set up deductions.
7. Send your payments by mail or through electronic transfer.
8. Take pride in knowing that you have helped one out of every three people in Walton County!

It’s just that easy!


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